RushRunner Deliver Authentic Asian Food from the best restaurants, we are building an international team to provide the best food delivery service to our customer and bring more business to restaurant. We love people who are energetic and friendly to join us, we believe when you make other people happy, you feel awesome for yourself. If you think you are ready to make some good money and bring happiness to our customer, please join us and try it!

RushRunner (跑跑订餐)和最好的亚洲餐厅合作, 我们为餐厅提供技术支持和配套的快速物流服务。我们建立了一支专业的送餐团队,结合最先进的移动技术,我们不仅保证将外卖快速准时地送到客户手中,也力争让客户享受到最优质的服务!我们迫切希望充满正能量和拥有服务精神的你加入我们的团队,一起打造一个最优质的全美亚洲食物外卖平台。

Motor Vehicle is not Required

To make some extra easy money, you don't even have to own a car,  RushRunner also accept Bike, Scooter and Motorcycle, In some case, We also provide cars to you if you can work in longer hours and be willing to make customer happy!  


RushRunner不要求申请者必须有汽车,你只需要有以下任何一种交通工具即可, 如果你愿意每天工作较长时间,有良好的驾驶纪录并且打算为客户提供最优质的服务,RushRunner甚至会为你提供送餐的交通工具。

Earn Extra Money by Work with Your Own Schedule

你不仅将获得可观的报酬, 还可以选择灵活的工作时间

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